Sunday, May 1, 2011

X is for eXtraordinary

It is an extraordinary experience to grow up in a family of eight children.  I am fourth of eight; there is a span of  sixteen years between the eldest and youngest.  In the chaos of all those people, we learned many life skills.  Here is a list of some of my lessons from my childhood.

  1. I am not the center of the universe
  2. He who hesitates misses out on a lot of things
  3. Being a part of a family means there are many duties assigned
  4. I had to make my own way in the world
  5. I learned how to stand up for me
  6. My parents could not and would not bail me out of a mess I made
  7. I learned how to fight
  8. The world will not always agree with me
  9. Making mistakes is a part of life
  10. Family is important
  11. It is my responsibility to entertain me
  12. Anything I want, I can earn
  13. Education is essential
  14. It is not good to be on Mom's "list"
  15. Thanks God for all your blessings

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