Sunday, May 1, 2011

Z is for ZEE End

 Z is a hard letter to use and I am just about out of gas for this challenge.  It has been zany and if I wasn't so zonked I would have come up with something more creative than this post.  In my zealous attempt to finish this final entry, I must zigzag around the letter Z and just say, ZEE END.

Y is for Yak

My dear friend, Mary is a very entertaining person.  She has a sense of humor that everybody loves.  Growing up, she had a million sayings that would roll out of her mouth and keep all of my friends laughing.  In a Russian accent she would say, "Good woman, strong like yak, bring home, pull many carts."  I know, it's not even a sentence but she would have us roaring.  I have said that line many times and every time I think of Mary and all her antics. She is always the life of the party.

X is for eXtraordinary

It is an extraordinary experience to grow up in a family of eight children.  I am fourth of eight; there is a span of  sixteen years between the eldest and youngest.  In the chaos of all those people, we learned many life skills.  Here is a list of some of my lessons from my childhood.

  1. I am not the center of the universe
  2. He who hesitates misses out on a lot of things
  3. Being a part of a family means there are many duties assigned
  4. I had to make my own way in the world
  5. I learned how to stand up for me
  6. My parents could not and would not bail me out of a mess I made
  7. I learned how to fight
  8. The world will not always agree with me
  9. Making mistakes is a part of life
  10. Family is important
  11. It is my responsibility to entertain me
  12. Anything I want, I can earn
  13. Education is essential
  14. It is not good to be on Mom's "list"
  15. Thanks God for all your blessings

W is for Where have I been

This past week has been crazy as I returned to work after my son's wedding.  I was dead tired.  It was a lovely time, one that will be treasured for always.  As in all things, it came to an end.  It has taken me a week to get back on track. 

I start a month of testing tomorrow at school and plan to plow my way through.  It will feel great when June 1st is here.

Monday, April 25, 2011

V is for Very Tired


This was an exhausting but wonderful weekend of wedding, wedding, wedding.  I am so tired!  There are only 27 more days until the next son gets married; this time in Seattle, Washington.
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Saturday, April 23, 2011

T is for Tons of Family

My son and daughter in-law were married today.  It was very beautiful because it was their plan and their dream.  They were surrounded by their families and there was great joy in the room.

I am so happy for my son, Jack because he has found an intelligent, loving, sensitive woman.  When he looks at her, I can see that she fills his heart with love.  I know that Kristy will love him and persevere in the good and bad times.

We remembered Jack's dad today and I am sure that he was smiling down from heaven, happy with this union.  This is what he said he was sad about missing  but I wasn't sad today, for Rick was there in our hearts and in our memories.  He's alive in us and he was happy.

May their days be happy and their burdens few.
May learn to lean on each other to move swiftly to their goals.
May they cherish and love each other more than any other and
Keep the intimacy of their marriage sacred.

Love to both of you, Jack and Kristy!

Mom xxoo