Saturday, April 23, 2011

T is for Tons of Family

My son and daughter in-law were married today.  It was very beautiful because it was their plan and their dream.  They were surrounded by their families and there was great joy in the room.

I am so happy for my son, Jack because he has found an intelligent, loving, sensitive woman.  When he looks at her, I can see that she fills his heart with love.  I know that Kristy will love him and persevere in the good and bad times.

We remembered Jack's dad today and I am sure that he was smiling down from heaven, happy with this union.  This is what he said he was sad about missing  but I wasn't sad today, for Rick was there in our hearts and in our memories.  He's alive in us and he was happy.

May their days be happy and their burdens few.
May learn to lean on each other to move swiftly to their goals.
May they cherish and love each other more than any other and
Keep the intimacy of their marriage sacred.

Love to both of you, Jack and Kristy!

Mom xxoo

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