Friday, April 1, 2011

A is for Algonkian

AlgonkianThe day I set my eyes on the  Algonkian was a day that felt like I was coming home.  We were in the market for a house.  I had seen many homes.  There wasn't much to see. The Algonkian was a different experience.   I went into The Algonkian and walked through the living room and dining room into the kitchen saw the light from the water in the pool reflected and shimmering on both the floors and ceilings.  I was awesome.  I thought, "This is the place for me." 

However, the price was out of our range and the market was slowing down to a crawl.  If we could sell ours we might be in a better negotiating position.  Our real estate agent told us that it was a little out of our range but if we waited and could be patient, anything could happen.

She called us two days later to say the sellers had dropped the price $45,000; we could afford it.  We made a plan and decided to go for it.  They accepted our contract even with the home inspection scheduled.  It would be ours; We were on cloud nine.

I had always dreamed of a house with a pool.  My favorite part of The Algonkian is that it is secluded.  The backyard abuts a common ground of forest.  There are houses with yards beyond the woods but they can't be seen in the summer.

My favorite thing about The Algonkian is sitting out in the morning sipping coffee with my husband, D and reading while the birds sing their songs to each other.  There's a woodpecker that can usually be heard.  In the background are the sounds of the gurgling spa waters that flow over the edge into the pool.  The sound of water is heavenly.