Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Q is for Queen of the Algonkian

I am the Queen of the Algonkian.  My niece, Romy Jane Magid came to visit four years ago when she was in the princess stage of life.  I was made Queen Jane and Uncle David was made King Davicus Maximus.  Romy Jane is a pistol.  She has a sharp wit and is drenched in drama.  The King and Queen of the Algonkian were very amused with the princess.  She entertained us for an entire week.

Princess Romy Jane  loved our pool and wanted to swim most of the time.  Her royal cousin, Mike was abused by her for most of the week.  We were all bossed around for that matter.  The princess prepared dinner for the king and queen and took pictures of us dining at the table she prepared.  The Royal Princess RomyJane slept on a bed prepared for her on the floor of Mike's room so that she could watch the Royal Shows as she fell asleep.

The Royal Princess Romy Jane ate a strict diet of chicken nuggets,cheese pizza, Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, fries and green chips.  She turned her nose up to all other offerings.

Mike accompanied Princess Romy Jane to Chuck E Cheese where she used her tickets along with all of Mike's to buy royal jewels.  Pizza and water were on the menu.

Her mother, The Witch, came to take the Princess home to Long Island on the weekend. The Witch reported that she wanted to come again every summer and has almost every year.  When anyone in her family teases that they might come with her, she starts getting moody and tells them, "You can't come to Aunt Jane's; there isn't enough room!"  We are her little sanctuary and she doesn't like entertaining the idea of sharing that with anyone else.

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  1. Just found you through A-Z. Great job with the challenge so far. I'm impressed that you're ahead of the game. It's very cool that you have such a nice relationship with your niece. My daughters have great relationships with their aunties, it's a special bond.