Friday, April 8, 2011

H is for How Did This Happen?

I went to a meeting today for work;  I was dreading going.  The last time I attended one of the required meetings, we were talked "at" for three hours.  I was pleasantly surprised to see many familiar faces.  As a matter of fact there were seven of us who had studied together for our masters degrees.  We shared pictures of family and got caught up; it had been 15 years since we graduated from the program to become reading specialists.

As my mind flashed back to those days, I saw those twenty-somethings turn into these forty-somethings before me.  Time is a fickle friend..  We had aged,wrinkled, and grayed. We had become wives, widows, divorcees, mothers, and grandmothers. How did this happen?  Where had the time gone? Cherish every minute for time slips by much too fast.

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  1. You are always able to see the good in what could have been a terrible, horrible, no good day.