Monday, April 18, 2011

P is for Patricia

Patty is my older and only sister.  I'm five years younger; it has been a rocky road that we have endured.  We shared a room and of course, I was the five year old slob who toys were kicked under my bed for being messy.  Patty sometimes used chalk to make a line on the wooden floorboards to delineated our halves of the room.  I was easily bossed around.  She dragged me by the hand to school, screaming at me to hurry up.  We lived a mile from school and it was a tough walk in winter.

Our relationship has changed over time.  Patty is the one who flew down to be with me after a devastating break-up with a boyfriend.  She is the one who bailed me when a friend's father messed up my taxes and and I was slapped with a bill. 

We are very different and yet sisters.  Life has given us bitter times to share; watching our mother die and our father suffer through dementia.  Last week she had a pre-op check of her heart and something was not right.  The surgery was canceled and she was seen by two cardiac doctors.  A stress test was scheduled, canceled and rescheduled.  I called Friday morning to find out the results.  I said, "Patricia how is your teeny tiny heart.  I've been worried.?"  "I'm fine." she said to my great relief.  I'm not ready to give up my sister with each day she is more precious to me. I'm hoping she'll be around for quite a few more years.

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  1. So nice to "meet" both of you. Glad she's okay. I'm an only child and have chosen friends as "sisters." Can only imagine what it feels like for you.
    a-z particpant