Monday, April 4, 2011

D is for Dandelions

I saw my first dandelion of the season today.  When I was a little girl, I loved them.  I would try to find as many that had turned white and gone to seed as possible so that I could blow them in the wind. I loved seeing the wind take them up and away, silently they would drift away and I would never give them a second thought.

Fast forward to today and I was filled with dread.  I am a gardener and those beautiful little flowers are not on my hit parade.  I prefer Virginia Blue Bells, Lobelia and Morning Glory.  I suppose it is unfair that I have become fickle with this flower that once filled me with joy  However, just as a girl lets go of Barbies and baby dolls and moves on to bigger and better things so must I.

I was thinking today that I'll be getting my weed killer and my weed puller out this next weekend.  Their demise is on my list of things to do.  I am a traitor but I don't care; I have moved on.


  1. darn it. how could I have forgotten dandelions? I still love them but you're right, as a gardener you don't really want to see them in your own garden.

  2. I always cringe when the school kids want to give me a bouquet of dandelions. I wonder if some dog visited it earlier in the day.