Saturday, April 2, 2011

B is for Babies

Babies!  Babies are the best!  Four years ago, I became a grandmother.  I could never have anticipated how much I love being "Grandma Janie."  I was highly opposed to being called Grandma until I saw little Taylor Lily's face.  I now wear the title with pride and I am so grateful to be a young grandma.

My son and daughter in-law are expecting in November and we are thrilled for this next opportunity to have another grandchild.  I can't wait!

The sweetest part of being a grandparent is recapturing the feelings I had as a parent with my two little bundles of joy. The preciousness of holding the tiny hand and seeing the quivering chin and flailing arms.  It is the closest I will ever get to those memories of my own babies being in my arms again.  The thrill to me is bliss.

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